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The New York Times as a digital playground

I’ve always agreed the New York Times is the standard bearer for American Hans and the Timesjournalism. I’ve just never thought it lead the pack in online convergence. I remember some of the great old lady of journalism’s first online forays seemed amateurish. I worried that like, say Gannett, the Times’ editors were simply giving their reporters a digital video camera and audio recorder and telling them to go nuts.

But I must admit the multi-media offerings at the Times have certainly improved, and now that they have put TimesSelect out of it misery, access is universal. But a good friend and fellow cyberbrain made me realize how far the Times’ greatest online innovations may not have anything to do with Nicholas Kristof’s videos or David Pogue’s tech reviews.

Brian Hamman, who helped found MyMissourian when he was a Mizzou graduate student, now works in the Times’ new media department, and in a visit to his alma mater two weeks ago, he showed the Times not only is starting to get that people want something different than the print edition online, but also that its leaders are embracing openness and creativity in bringing the best information in the world to readers’ homes.

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November 6, 2007 Posted by | Hans Meyer | Leave a comment