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A united blogosphere: Amusing or abusing?

I’m watching with both interest and concern an effort today to “unite” the blogosphere.
Oct. 27 is Blog Against Abuse Day, an effort by Bloggers Unite to use the voices of the 50 million-plus “amateClyde Bentley bloggingur” writers in the virtual world to wake up the real world. Bloggers Unite asked people like me to write their thoughts about abuse – any abuse.

I did. I wrote about the abuse of blogging for my MOJo Prof blog on MyFoxSTL – a huge hosted network in St. Louis. I also read pleas to end cultural abuse, child abuse, parental abuse and lots of other A words.

So will it make a difference at all? It seems a crap shoot at this point. I haven’t seen the effort mentioned by mainstream media and the publicity was so week I cannot imagine that more than a small percentage of bloggers will participate.

Of course, 1 percent of 50 million bloggers is still a city-sized crowd.

I’ve been waiting for the blogosphere to be defined as a bloc. I’ve rather hoped that was an oxymoron similar to a committee of anarchists. But after witnessing an in Oregon, I just don’t know anymore.

So given the chance to rail against abuse, the world is my canvas. But this time I want to stick closer to home. I shudder at the abuse of blogging.

Bloggers may be the greatest mass of unfettered voices the world has known. Or they could comprise the biggest, loudest mob that ever took to the streets.

This week I’ll try to see how well the voices of individual bloggers can be harmonized. If they can, will the Madison and/or Pennsylvania Avenue wonks be far behind?

September 27, 2007 - Posted by | Clyde Bentley

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