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Mourning an online friend

It has been a while since I started this post but I just can’t seem to get Kasper ‘TaZz’ Kataoka Sorensen off my mind. I never met TaZz. I doubt that I ever even talked to him online. TazzBut I joined an online community hungry for any news about him at all a few weeks ago when he never returned from a rock climbing expedition in Tasmania. His story and the outpouring of support from other people he probably never met reinforced to me the power the Internet has to forge lasting real world relationships. Continue reading


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Billy Don, meet Mr. Wildflower

I watched in awe as Bill Moyers led a camptown revival for journalists at the annual AssoClyde Bentleyciation for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference recently. Then I sneaked out the back of the tent to talk to the heathens.

Moyers is probably best known these days for Bill Moyers Journal – a series of hard-hitting documentaries on PBS. He is often associated with liberal ideals and criticism of the powerful. But he was raised Billy Don Moyers, retains a strong Oklahoma/East Texas drawl and is proud of his degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

And I tell you, brothers and sisters; Billy Don can lay down the fire and brimstone.

The hell he preached of to the AEJMC choir was peopled by an unknowing and uncaring populace bathed on the right by a torrent of tainted information and on the left by a mere trickle of soft water.

The road to salvation, he said, runs through an aggressive newsroom. But journalists can no longer be quiet recorders of the times. We need real journalists not only trained to write but trained to crusade for just causes

Moyers sent a cold chill through the room when he recited the statistic of a recent poll that implies half the country would support government controls on speech, especially if that speech is unpatriotic.

The notion that free speech and commentary is unpatriotic unleashed the best of Moyers’ eloquence. Continue reading

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